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Grandest stadium Riau Province

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A case seen in the picture on the side is a Stage. Where is the location of thestadium. Stadium is teletak in Pekanbaru Riau province and this may be widenedStadium arguably the second-largest after Glora Bung Karno. This stage willreportedly launch on January 2011. and will be used by Team PSPS Pekanbaru.Riau Stadium is very nice views of modern design and arrangement of lights thatare very good. field quality is of international quality, suppose - suppose this fieldcan accommodate 20 000 people who watch football matches in this stadium.
Football is a ball game played by two teams with each consisting of eleven people.This sport is very popular and played in 200 countries. Football game aiming to score as much as possible by using a leather ball sized 27-28 inci.Lapangan used in this game has a width of 50-100 yards and 100-300 yards long. The goalkeeperscored a place located at the end of the field-sized nets with restricted height 8 feetand 24 feet wide.

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