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Demam Shuffle Dance

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Shuffle dance. Dance to the accompaniment of jazz music is a category of street dance that was more crazy youth. ABG's just not even know who bershuffling jolly fun with his friends, purportedly various ages are also affected by the shuffle dance fever!
Dance that focuses on intricate footwork seen is from Melbourne, Australia. This dance has been around since the 1980s. Shuffle dance started the trend since the end of 2009 until now increasingly attracted the attention of many people to know more about the shuffle dance.
At first glance this dance was similar to the movement a la Michael Jackson moon walk because both put the foot on the floor and dragged him. Well, according to the meaning of the shuffle itself. Well, for those who menarikannya familiarly called shufflers.
In the video clip that was popularized by the Party Rock Anthem featuring Lauren B also displays the shuffle dance in music videos, LMFAO. Through this video clip was also recognized by some teenagers they know Shuffling.
One of SMAN 2 Makassar is also a hobby is dancing and has earned many achievements in the field of dance and show up to these neighboring countries also claim to love shuffling. Dio amit know about shuffling through video clips LMFAO.
"Yeah, I know about the shuffle dance from LMFAO. For me dance is really cool, it sounded modern, unique, and such fun," said Surya Earth girl.
The girl who was familiarly called this girl was deeply interested to learn the dance shuffle.
"The desire and interest to be shuffling of course there is. But it seems for now this is still very difficult to learn and try shuffling. Because sekrang still focus with school work first," he explained.
So is the origin of high school students who like Dian hope to play basketball. Doi amit interested in studying dance shuffle.
"Curious want to learn the shuffling. Initially I knew shuffle dance from teachers at school who was pleased with the shuffle dance. Had Dian Hope event last time, the teachers also participated in skill performance by displaying their skills in Shuffling to entertain the audience and students Dian Hope School

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