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How to Make Facebook Profile Pictures Move

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In this post I will explain how to create your facebook profile picture by using a moving picture format. Gif. You who have a twitter account with a photo profile of course know that stir - motion as if - if the picture is alive. Well, on facebook, we can also make it loh,,, here's how to create a facebook profile picture to move with the gif format:
Login first your facebook
Try using a webbrowser you are using Google Chrome since it will be easier to cut your photos and also by Google Chrome is not so slow.
Open up your profile by clicking the upper right corner of your picture is there.
you will be taken to view your profile.
after that click on your profile photo.
after appearing your profile photo slide show, click the arrow> that there is in addition to your photo.
and see the results, photos - your photos will be moved by one, easy is not
good luck.
that's about - about how to make your profile picture moving gif format or rather in the form of slide show

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