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Android Vs Blackberry

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Android Vs Blackberry, now has a lot of smart phones are popping up, such as blackberry and smartphone second android.Diantara must also have advantages and disadvantages of each, as will be described here.

Android Advantage
Excellence applying Android phones include:

Faster processor than the average of other smartphones. Samsung Spica Processor 800 MHz and 1 GHz Nexus. BlackBerry Bold and iPhone 3G using 624 MHz.

Android phone has GPS functionality, a connection to the Internet quickly, has a variety of sensors, using the touch screen. This function is usually found on more than 40,000 mahal.Tersedia mobile applications, many are free.

Google based applications very easily integrated: email, contacts, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Talk, etc..

In addition, there are a few drawbacks of Android phones: Requires high-speed Internet connection to be able to utilize keunggulannya.Pemakainya have to like the person who tinkers systems and applications in order to feel the greatness Android.Tiap Android-based phones have their own advantages, so it is difficult to compare one with another Android phone .

Blackbarry advantages:
Durability battery:
BB Batteries having dayatahan generally relatively longer consistently compared with the 'smart-HH' other.

Strong, resistant:
BB also consistently more resilient than other HH.

Saving Data with the Good:
Try to remove the battery for a week his BB and plug it back, all the data aunt / om will remain. All written and saved to flash ROM at any time, even the 'draft' of your email.

'Software' e-mail:
Email on the BB is far superior compared to the 'other email software'2 also di'push' wirelessly.

Always 'ON' unnecessary 'connect first':
BB is very similar to the wireless connection / DSL. Always there and ready, no need di'sambung '(connect) first. Maybe not as fast as landline connections / DSL, but always 'connect'. Many HH with other OS systems require manual connection step first.

Concerns should be free to configure an email when a 'reset' as exists in some other smart-HH. No need to worry whether or not email us to walk because of a 'crash'. RIM's software ensures
that email will be run every time does not allow us inadvertently exit / 'exit' from the email software.

Do not need the POWER / ON:
In contrast to other smart-DD, BB employ relatively small, so that it can di'geletak' her for granted. BB can di'off'kan electronically through the menu, such as when we're in an airplane. But the rest, can we let them, either at menenerima email and we do not want to receive emails.

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