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Inmates are prohibited from playing facebook

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The prisoners in the state of South Carolina, United States, seem to be affected by the new penalties when the violation of the prohibition of using mobile phones in prison. They will face the punishment cell isolation and loss of visitation rights and the use of the canteen. Not only that, the government also has set up penalties for those caught up status update via phone or other device, namely an additional imprisonment for 30 days and fined 500 U.S. dollars. As reported by the Associated Press, recently, Wendell Gilliard, a member of the Democratic Party, has proposed a bill that would prohibit inmates to become members of social networking sites. Other state legislators seem to think the proposal was a good idea to make this bill has twelve other supporters. Gilliard says, in an interview with Reuters, he received an e-mail from constituents and chat with prison guards on inmates who use Facebook. Earlier this month, a local newspaper detailing the profile of Facebooker who is an inmate in South Carolina named Anthony "Tony" Enriquez (34). He was jailed without parole for murdering a man who dirampoknya by a pack of cigarettes.
On the basis of the story and other stories, Gilliard compelled to act immediately. He also hoped the law would be quickly passed. Earlier in March 2010, there was a furore following the death of the owner of the account up which is also listed as a prisoner in Tennessee, Nicholas Johnson.

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